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Carpenter Ants. Carpenter ants get their name because they build their nests in wood. This pest can cause significant damage to your house. There are many types of carpenter ants throughout the U.S. measuring in size from one-quarter inch (about the width of a pencil) for a worker carpenter ant to three-quarters of an inch (about the size of a quarter) for a queen carpenter ant.

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Recommended Argentine ant control baits, Sprays and Products. Guaranteed … Gel Bait. More info. maxforce ant killer bait Gel. Maxforce FC Ant Killer Gel.

Formosan Termites The formosan termite (coptotermes formosanus) is an invasive species of termite. It has been transported worldwide from its native range in southern China to … Formosan termites are difficult to control once they infest a structure. Find information on Formosan termite treatment and control. Carpenter Ant Head The thorax refers to the segment of an ant
Soldier Termites A soldier termite's job is to protect the colony. Your job is to protect your home. Learn more about termites and how to check your home for damage. Termite, (order Isoptera), any of a group of cellulose-eating insects, the social system of which shows remarkable parallels with those of ants and bees, although it has

The Argentine ant (Linepithema humile), formerly Iridomyrmex humilis, is an ant native to … The native range of Argentine ants is limited to around major waterways in the …. Pest control usually requires exploiting their omnivorous dietary habits, …. "Argentine Ant Fact Sheet". with information on habits, habitat and prevention …

For more information or professional control services, call the experts at Orkin today. … Service Type, Pest Control, Termite Control … Unlike other ant species, Argentine ant queens develop their colonies a … Due to their rapid proliferation, it is important to control Argentine ants before their nests infest a very large area.

How to Get Rid of Argentine Ants (4 Easy Steps) If liquid baiting doesn't seem to be attracting the Argentine ants in and around your home, try treating the problem areas with a contact killer. TERRO Ant Killer …

Carpenter Ant Head The thorax refers to the segment of an ant just below its head. carpenter ants have a rounded thorax. The upper surface should be evenly rounded throughout. Carpenter ant in damaged wood.JPG. Photo of a carpenter ant in damaged wood . Carpenter Ant_420.jpg. Close-up photo of a carpenter ant head. Pair of florida … Appearance. C.

The Argentine ant (Linepithema humile), formerly Iridomyrmex humilis, is an ant native to northern Argentina, Uruguay, Paraguay, Bolivia and southern Brazil.It is an invasive species that has been established in many Mediterranean climate areas, inadvertently introduced by humans to many places, including South Africa, New Zealand, Japan, Easter Island, Australia, Europe, Hawaii, and the …

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Argentine Ant Facts . The Argentine ant is a small, light to dark brown ant about 1/8 inch (2.6mm) in length. They have been reported to crawl onto people and bite them while they are asleep. Reports from the early 1800’s describe babies being attacked in their cribs.

Argentine ant control and how to get rid of Argentine Ants and How to kill Argentine … They also destroy and eat other household pests such as cockroaches and …