Can Bed Bugs Make You Sick?

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While bed bugs are commonly associated with poor hygiene habits, the truth is, everyone is susceptible to a bed bug infestation. bed bugs are particularly drawn to large cities due to the increased number of human blood meals in close proximity to one another. But can you get sick from bed bugs? Not directly.

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Bed Bugs Are Parasites. Bed bugs live off the blood of their prey, much the way mosquitoes do. They come out mostly at night and get into beds, typically crawling onto legs and feet to bite and feed. Although most people are not allergic to them, their bites can …

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Did you know that bed bugs can be found in Phoenix in high end homes and four start hotels? Bed bugs are creepy and they can be hazardous to your health.

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Some people are actually NOT allergic to this bite, which leaves no indication that you have bed bugs. In this case, a bed bug infestation can go undetected for weeks and months, resulting in terrible infestations. Fore most people, their bites won’t do much of anything else except cause the itchy red spot.

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In conclusion: Can you get sick from bed bugs and bed bug bites. If you are feeling feverish, the likely reason behind it could be the lack of sleep or a secondary skin infection. So use the above methods to detect bed bugs first. Next, call a reliable pest control company to get rid of them in order to regain your peaceful night’s rest.

Curious if bed bugs will make you sick? Then you're in the right place. In this guide you'll learn 3 main things: What exactly are bed bugs? Can be bugs cause  …

Warning: Bed bugs may be harmful to your health! Learn how to spot signs of allergic reactions to bed bug bites. can bed bugs make you sick. Bed bug bites affect every person differently and are usually not a  …