Insect Personality Quiz: What Stinging Insect Are You?

The Schmidt sting pain index is a pain scale rating the relative pain caused by different … Some of the insect stings Schmidt considers to be at a pain level of 1 include the Southern … wasp, the metricus paper wasp, and the velvet ant (which is actually a wasp, not an ant). … You are chained in the flow of an active volcano.

Jun 8, 2015 … One of the most common signs that summer is almost here is the arrival of stinging insects. Take this quiz to find out which stinging insect you …

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Do Termites Bite Can They Harm Humans As a rule, termites do not bite humans. soldier termites have the ability to do so, but their jaws are tiny and they won’t leave a mark. Termites bite wood and bite other insects if attacked, but rarely do termites bite a human. Even when mature termites leave their colonies in search of mates, humans

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Bee Insect Animal Totem Symbolism. Bees as an animal totem have very significant meanings and implications in the realm of spirituality. They are progressive, industrious, and …

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What Kind of Insect Are You? YEEEEEAAAAAAAH! xD. X-mahan-nah. Created By X-mahan-nah. On May 15, 2014 …

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BE exist (am,is,are,was,were,been) I’d like to be famous one day. BEE a flying, stinging insect that makes honey. I wonder what it’s like to be a bee.

Ever wish you could sprout wings and buzz around town? Take PestWorld's insect personality quiz to find out what type of stinging insect you personify.