K9 Inspections Detect Bed Bugs Early

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While the use of canine scent detection is both an exciting and promising method for the early detection of bed bugs, it is still an evolving technique and you …

How to Inspect a Bed for Bed Bugs (BBTV #43)The key to complete bed bug elimination begins with proper identification of infested areas. While adult bed bugs may be easier to identify, bed bug nymphs and eggs are very difficult to locate, especially in early or light infestations.

Apr 30, 2018 … Reduce the costs of treating a severe infestation by early detection. Because of their accuracy, a bed bug canine team can identify one bed bug …

Mar 10, 2019 … Many pest control companies use bedbug-sniffing dogs but do these "canine detection systems"work?

As we continue to hear story after story of homes and businesses becoming infested with bed bugs, we thought it was important to share some information on the effectiveness of early bed bug detection.

We provide an accurate K9 inspection, alerting you with an early warning of bed bug activity. This will help keep treatment costs down, and let you sleep more comfortably at night. The MOST ADVANCED Bed Bug Removal Heat Treatment System In The Industry.

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Bed bug populations have been on the rise globally for many years now. One of the key ways to get rid of this problem is to catch the infestation as early as possible. The most effective way to do this is with a highly trained handler and canine team.

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Considering how small bed bugs are, the low accuracy of human detection, and other factors, bed bug canines are the single best option for bed bug detection. The bed bug dog can easily and accurately be used to detect infestations in large buildings, hotel rooms, apartment complexes, condos, timeshares, rental properties, university dorm rooms, resorts, and motels.

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Feb 26, 2013 … Stories of homes and businesses becoming infested with bed bugs is scary. It's important to learn about the effectiveness of early bed bug …