Norway Rats: Control & Prevention Information For Rats

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Norway rats are just one type of rodent profiled by PestWorld. Read about Norway rat control and how to get rid of Norway rats.

Rats Facts, Identification & Control. There are numerous species of rats found within the United States, but this article will focus upon those rats that most frequently …

The brown rat (Rattus norvegicus), also known as the common rat, street rat, sewer rat, Hanover rat, Norway rat, Norwegian rat, Parisian rat, water rat or wharf rat, is one of the best known and most common rats.. One of the largest muroids, it is a brown or grey rodent with a head and body length of up to 28 cm (11 in) long, and a slightly shorter tail.

Norway Rat Control. Scientific Name: Rattus norvegicus Norway rat Rattus norvegicus … Prevention & Control of Norway Rats–Illinois Dept. of Public Health .

Below is information on the many rat control options, such as rat repellents and rat traps. We also offer prevention tips to help you with rat control, such as rodent  …

Rat Trap with a LIVE Norway RAT, my Best Bait, Rat Facts, Rat Noises UC home and landscape guidelines for control of Rats. … Norway rats, Rattus norvegicus, sometimes called brown or sewer rats, are stocky burrowing …. company for information and assistance with measures that can be taken to prevent this.

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Norway Rat Control Options. Norway Rats eat and contaminate food and damage properties by gnawing and burrowing. They spread diseases that affect people and pets.

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Robert M. Timm Superintendent and Extension Wildlife specialist hopland research and Extension Center University of California Hopland, CA 95449: Norway Rat (Rattus norvegicus) Click image for larger picture.For additional Norway rat control information click Rats

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