Opossum Facts: Removal & Control Of Opossums

Opossum Removal. In order to prevent an opossum from taking up shelter in a residence, homeowners should store trash in sealed receptacles with animal-proof lids, preferably in a locked shed or outhouse. It’s good practice to b ring pet food dishes inside at night to avoid attracting opossums and other nuisance wildlife.

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Possum Facts - Facts About PossumsOpossum Facts Considered the “ugly duckling” of the wild animal world, opossums may not be the cutest, but they aren’t all that bad; in fact, that are quite clever. The correct name for the white faced creatures we see in our area is “Opossum”, not the common misused name “possum” which is actually a different creature found in …

Opossums under your house, deck, or in your crawl space? Those scents and sounds may well be an opossum. They are often considered nuisance animals. We trap and remove opossums. Call your local critter control office today at 800 CRITTER for effective opossum removal and exclusion services.

Read opossum facts, as well as information on the management and removal of opossums. Wildlife Control Lansing, Michigan. Critter Control provides humane trapping and removal services for bats, squirrels, raccoons, birds, and other nuisance wildlife in and around Lansing, MI. attics, walls, yards, and porches. dead animal removal. Call for a …

Opossums cause damage to properties by foraging on fruits, nuts, and ornamental plants. They can come into conflict with domestic pets as well, and are known carriers of diseases and parasites. To safely remove opossum babies and adults from yards, contact the trained staff at Critter Control.

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