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There have a lot of news stories about the bees dying. They became infested with a parasitic mite in the 80’s. Many Bees died. The solution for these mites has been various chemicals and medicines. These chemicals and medicines have produced a resistant mite and a weak bee and also contaminated the bees wax and the hives. After getting into beekeeping again I read that all the Feral or wild bees were dead or dying off because of the mite. While living in Phoenix and being a house painter I noticed this was untrue. The wild bees in Phoenix are flourishing. I have not purchased bees for four years now but catch wild bees here in Phoenix. This makes a good supply of healthy bees that have not been treated with chemicals. Healthy bees. I realized that the mites are in the environment now they aren’t going away. You need bees that can live with mites – survive with the mites.