What Should I Know About Termite Behavior?

Scorpions: Facts About Scorpion Bites, Scorpion Control Now that you know what scorpion sting treatment entails, you can be ready should these pests sting you or your family members. But if you are seeing large numbers of scorpions in your home, consider calling a pest management professional to help you come up with control options. Interesting Facts About Cockroaches May 8, 2015
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Termite description. Learn termite characteristics including appearance, behavior, etc. Orkin can help you get rid of termites. schedule inspection today.

Termite communication is based on pheromones, regardless of the type of termite. … queen termites can emit releaser pheromones that control behavior ( e.g., so that workers tend to … Three Termite Sounds Every Homeowner Should Know.

A complete guide for property owners covering termite inspection and treatment costs with a complete list of factors that can rack up the cost.

Termite World | Life In The Undergrowth | BBC Termites are eusocial insects that are classified at the taxonomic rank of infraorder Isoptera, … In earlier English, termites were known as "wood ants" or " white ants". The modern term …. Due to their soft cuticles, termites do not inhabit cool or cold habitats. There are …… "Subterranean Termite Biology and Behavior" . Virginia …

Feb 26, 2018  · How to Identify a Termite Infestation. You may be able to determine if you have a termite infestation by identifying swarming behavior, finding mud tunnels, and by examining damaged wood. Inspect the tunnels by using a pocketknife to break…

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While termites may be a nuisance to your home, they do serve an important purpose in nature. Learn more about termites and their unique behavioral habits.